Greg Timmons

Pastor Greg Timmons is focused on leading people to Christ. He feels to do so, he must feed a person the Word of God, share the saving grace of Jesus and meet their physical needs as well. He is mission-oriented with 25 years of organizational strategy in his background including extensive experience in corporate, religious, nonprofit, health care, and community wellness organizations. He believes that God is the Author and Finisher of the Christian faith and to Him he aspires to serve and to please. Pastor Timmons is the honored husband of Reverend Faith Timmons, and the proud father of 12 year-old son Greg II, and 6-year old daughter Olivia. The family has one dog, Thor.

Music Director
Shearese Stapleton

Shearese Stapleton was the Worship Leader at Victorious Word Church prior to joining Calvary. She brings a wealth of singing experience to our congregation and has worked in Early Childhood Development for over 25 years and plans to bring that training to the task of raising up children's choirs and ministries at our church. She is also the Founder and CEO of "Mothers of Joy University," an organization dedicated to "Empowering Family as a Way of Life." When she is not hard at work or teaching, she enjoys cooking up new recipes, reading, and old movies.

Administrative Assistant
Mark Raymond

After spending 30 years with the Postal Service, where he also served his union as an award-winning national Postal Press Association newsletter editor, Mark Raymond came out of retirement in 2016 to serve his church as the Administrative Assistant (known as the Office Manager in other business environments). An accomplished musician, he had already been serving Calvary as its Worship Leader on and off since 1987 - Mark has recorded two solo albums and two others that were never released!  He enjoys spending time with his wife, his two grown children and their families, and spends his free time reading and playing fantasy/computer simulation baseball. Of course, he will be quick to tell you there’s not much free time. 

Kathy Takish

Kathy Takish has lived in Flint all her life and has been a member of Calvary for many years. Kathy has been serving as the Calvary Church custodian for 11 years. With her husband Frank Takish, they own and operate their business "Quality Window Cleaning" which serves southeast Michigan. Kathy has three grown daughters and five grandchildren who all live in different parts of the country and she loves travelling to visit them all. Kathy also enjoys working in her flower gardens and discovering new walking trails around the area to explore. 

Calvary Project Manager
Georgette "Cookie" Harper

Georgette “Cookie” Harper was born in Fostoria, Ohio. Always the servant to others, Cookie is a mother to seven living children and fifteen grandchildren (and this figure is growing)! She is the wife to Jeffrey Harper, Sr. and they have both been members of Calvary UMC since 2015. Cookie oversees Calvary’s Food Pantry (“God’s Storehouse”) and Calvary’s Clothing Ministry (“God’s Garments”), both of which are free-to-the-public ministries. Cookie coordinates the Food Pantry with the Michigan State University Extension and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. She is Serv-Safe Certified and qualified to handle food and clothing giveaways during Calvary’s frequent giveaways to the community. Her heart for the Lord and ministry to the poor is self-evident through all she does.