Calvary Church began nearly 100 years ago as a ministry to the workers of General Motors and the automobile manufacturing industry in the neighborhood of Mott Park near Flint’s downtown. Flint is our home – we live, work, play, and educate our children here just like you, which allows us to truly connect and serve as a community with our congregation as friends and as equals.

Revival came to Calvary in the late-60s when Reverend Dorraine Snogren arrived as our new Pastor and brought a refreshing emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit. Before long Calvary became known as “A most unusual Methodist Church” for its charismatic worship services and our numbers grew in leaps and bounds. A large new addition was built in the 1970s and the church now takes up most of the block between Woodbridge and Blair Streets along Flushing Road in Flint. Over time, of course, pastors came and went, membership ebbed and flowed and waned and grew again. The mission remains the same. The love for the Lord and the work of the Holy Spirit remains unchanged. And our motto is now: “Knowing Christ Intimately, Sharing Christ Passionately.”