Sunday Worship Service


Blooms & Blossoms: Women’s bible study

6pm (most) Wednesday’s – see calendar page for exact dates

We’re all in this together!

At Calvary Church we strive to be a community of family and friends that serve our neighbors and take care of one another. 

We know that a messy past filled with heartbreak and brokenness is what often leads us all to seek out the unconditional love of God; and yet, that same past makes His love hard to accept sometimes. We stand hand in hand with our congregation as we each work through what makes us each precious and indispensible in His eyes. We will always welcome questions and concerns about faith, God, and religion in general – we know that there can be no growth spiritually without talking about the “hard stuff.” 

As a community, we firmly believe in walking along side one another as we each explore our unique path and salvation through the kingdom of Christ.  

Calvary’s worship is in a relaxed atmosphere so come as you are!

With a modern day approach to worship, Calvary Church uses:

  • A blend of traditional and contemporary music to lift the week’s burdens through song.
  • Relevant sermons with a dash of wit and humor in order to rejuvenate the heart and mind.
  • All tied together with a heavy emphasis on how the Holy Spirit is moving through all of us to be a force for good in our community and the world.