Our Story

How it all started...

Calvary-Hope Cooperative Parish is a collaboration formed from the Flint Calvary United Methodist Church and the Hope United Methodist Church. We are both welcoming congregations, who value everyone's spiritual and emotional worth. Our goal is to serve God and be an example of his loving goodness to the community. Both the Hope United Methodist and Calvary United Methodist churches were formed with the intention to share Christ with their communities. With this collaboration we are able to consistently and effectively bless the communities we serve with love, prayer, spiritual knowledge, and material support.

Expanding the vision...

The worship and spiritual depth at Calvary - Hope Cooperative Parish is increasing every  Sunday. We are learning to collectively open-up to the moving of the Holy Spirit. That can only happen through individual surrender to God as we collectively worship. We are supporting the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by providing multiple Bible studies, a dedicated prayer/seeking service, and Young Adult events with all of these learning opportunities being available online. We at Calvary - Hope Cooperative Parish are in the process of launching Children’s Church while building other programs including tech and dance ministries.

Where we are headed...

  • We are preparing for our Infant Massage launch which is a key component of our “Family Ministry.” We feel this is a key link into developing a nuclear (central and stable) support system for newborns and their adult caregivers. We can then  support parents by sharing additional parenting skills, while reaching other members of the family and extended family.
  • Calvary and Hope will use innovation and technology. We will solidify our online platforms and move to a less static online presence. 
  • In addition to addressing key community needs such as grief support and job training through area training programs to improve our city.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday at Calvary United Methodist or Hope United Methodist as we gather together for Worship Service.

Calvary Campus

Sunday School
9:00 AM

Sunday Worship
10:00 AM via in person or online 

Hope Campus 

Sunday Worship
11:30 AM