Below is a word from the Pastor for this week.

Leadership with principle
and power is sorely

needed. A common mis-
conception is that you

need a position of
authority or influence to
assert leadership, but to be an optimally effective
leader what you really need is a heart submitted to
God, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the will to
The willingness to move as God guides you is
not always a thrilling proposition, nor can it always
be comfortable or safe, but it is always right. David
was a shepherd boy of no reputation and yet he led
a nation to a place of courage and victory, through
faith-filled, God-led action. Joshua was a young
man sent on a mission to scout out a new land,
fueled by hope in the all-powerful God, he brought
back a good report.
All throughout history, hope in God’s ability has
saved lives and nations. Hope and faith in God has
transformed the future and regenerated people in
Jesus Christ.
Question, will you allow God to move you into
what could be new, foreign, or uncomfortable? Will

you allow the Lord to lead you, even if it is counter-
intuitive (strange to your normal way of doing

The widow made the prophet a cake with her
last bit of food, and the Lord blessed and sustained
her and her child (1 Kings 17:7-16). Your God is not
Commit your way to prayer and ask God to give
you discernment through His Holy Spirit to move in
whatever direction He is leading you (Psalm 37:5).
Trust God, He is not limited. Leadership is
trusting God, being sensitive to His Spirit and
moving as He leads you, faithfully.
God bless you and keep you, family, in Jesus’

-- Pastor Gregory E. Timmons I