Below is a word from the Pastor for this week.

ministry, saints of God.
When building a stronger,
bigger ministry it must be
rooted in Jesus, connected to
the vine called Jesus and built on his principles of love and holiness.

I am amazed to see the distraction created by the
enemy of our souls, like selfishness, frustration,
unforgiveness and hatred. We make things all
about us, and hey, that is only natural ... i
just natural beings, but we are not! We are dual
citizens; this is our story, this is our blessed
assurance - born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.
We are born of God’s gift of salvation, born again
through the sacrifice and Lordship of Jesus,
through faith.

God wants our hearts to be in constant
preparation for the various tasks ahead of us. That
is why prayer and Bible Study is so important
sitting in God’s presence and being in preparation
for God’s instructions or direction.
Now is the time to do the work of an evangelist.
The Lord had his people giving to build the
walls and other elements of their society before
they ever materialized. It is because they shared
their resources that the ministry work was

Shouldn’t we trust God in giving our gold and
resources to bless the lost and the least
be their only chance or last chance of them being
reached for Christ.
May God direct our hearts and bless the work
our hands for His kingdom’s glory. In Jesus
Bless you family in Christ’s love,

Pastor Gregory E. Timmons